Dear teenage me…

If I could write a letter to my teenage self I’d have a lot to say. I’d tell myself to tell my Mom and Dad that I love them and that they’re doing a good job more often. I’d tell myself to do better in school. I’d tell myself NOT to drink shots of vodka that night I hung out with that one guy. I’d tell myself that I’m worth waiting for. I’d certainly tell myself changing my grades on my report card was a really bad idea unless I was cool with being grounded FOREVER. I would say “don’t worry about boys. They’re just big trouble.”  I’d tell myself not to cry but he’s going to cheat. A lot. I’d tell myself he spends his life regreting it because I’m the best he’ll ever do. I’d tell myself not to try to fit in. Fitting in comes with a higher price than you realize. I’d say “for God’s sake, stand up for yourself.” If I could send a letter to my teenage self I’d say “Real friends will love you even when you’re unlovable, everyone else is disposable.” I’d warn myself that teen pregnancy can happen to you and it will. I would tell myself my heart isn’t meant to be given to every boy who says “you’re pretty.”  Alcohol is overrated, boys are overrated, sex is overrated, being an adult is definitely overrated. I’d write that highschool sucks but it doesn’t last forever. Have fun while it’s still your only job. I’d say babies are cute but they’re a lot cuter when they’re someone else’s. I would say people are going to talk about you no matter what. Love yourself more than they love gossiping about you. Hold your head up high and own your mistakes. Mistakes will teach you a lot. Don’t do it again. Life is going to be tough but you’ll make it. I’d say have more patience, life isn’t a race. You’ll miss these times. Take tons of pictures you’ll need them one day, people don’t live forever and your very best friend’s face might start to fade from your memory after she’s been gone a while. Don’t waste time. Dance. Sing. Be silly. You don’t need to wear so much eyeliner. Stop wearing those low rise pants that show way too much, you look ridiculous. Remember Mama’s birthday. Send Daddy a Father’s Day card. You’re not as smart as you think you are. You aren’t as mature as you think you are. Love everyone for who they are, it takes a lot of courage to be different. The words of that song do NOT mean what you think they mean, never sing it out loud. Keep your mouth closed and your heart open. Keep a journal. You’re crazy if you get into that car with those people. Your husband is out there and he loves you. The more of yourself you give away, the less you’ll have left for him. Don’t be mean. Make more than 2 friends. Be honest. Stay pure. Stay innocent. Cell phones in the future are so cool. Way cooler than that Nokia with the tiny screen. Don’t be jealous cause everyone has one but you. Be good to your sisters, they’ll be your very best friends one day. Be strong enough to get through life but soft enough to enjoy the beauty of it all. Everyone isn’t your friend. Bad people do exist and you’ll come across quite a few. Know the difference in right and wrong. Know when you’re right and when you’re wrong. Say you’re sorry even if you don’t want to. It’s totally cool to give people the finger when they really deserve it. You’re smart. You’re strong. You’re beautiful. You are going to be okay.


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