18 worst pictures on Facebook…

fb_img_1484180594101Because I’m a wonderful mother I decided to take a picture of my poor son in agony after having surgery on his neck. Then I posted it.

fb_img_1484179529635This is clearly attention seeking behavior. I made sure to get the medical equipment in the background…And look at my face. WHY?!

fb_img_1484179564044This picture was taken by my sister and she hates me enough that she posted it on social media with the caption “I’m sorry, I love you.” She’s a liar.

fb_img_1484179607416This one is horrible for several reasons. Why was I standing like that?! No makeup, no hair brush. I hate this. What was I thinking.

fb_img_1484180812487This is my cousin and me on the left. I look like a crazed serial killer with a pitch fork.

fb_img_1484181224675This is my sister in the hospital clearly in pain. I took that opportunity to take and upload this picture.

fb_img_1484180542126Not only did I allow this to happen to my child, I felt the need to grab my camera and share it with my friends and family.

fb_img_1484180463181That’s me after hours at the beach with no sun screen. I had to make sure everyone knew I was miserable so I made that face. I can’t.

fb_img_1484179647777My 2 year old made me wear her underwear on my head. The world needed to know.

fb_img_1484179687246My 2 year old threw a fit in the middle of the road. I pulled my phone out and took a picture. Safety first.

fb_img_1484181505074This picture is dumb. It just is.

fb_img_1484181279994My daughter taking a breathing treatment. She was thrilled that I took this picture and posted it online. You can see it in her eyes.

fb_img_1484181075232This is just an inappropriate pose. I am a mother. I thought it’d be cool to take a selfie grabbing my own butt. So stupid.

fb_img_1484182048451I don’t have to explain this one.

fb_img_1484181163270This is my stepdad. With a hospital pee bucket on his head.

fb_img_1484180664715Yuck. No one wants to see my cankle.

fb_img_1484179420178This is a picture that I hate more than any other. I begged my husband to take it down. I was mortified. He left it up because he wants a divorce obviously.

fb_img_1484179380207I wish this picture never happened. Everything about it is cringy.


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