Once Upon A Time…

In 2012 I met the man that would become my husband just 3 short months later. I never felt the need to be married, to be someone’s wife until I met him. I wanted to be his wife after our very first date. That first date was horribly magical. He took me to a high school football game. I wasn’t thrilled but I had been all but stalking him for a few weeks and I’d go anywhere with him. We sat on the bleachers with a hundred screaming teenagers. I had the maximum amount of makeup on my face that I could pile on. I was wearing the tightest jeans I owned. I spoke with a quiet and sweet voice. I was wondering when and if he was going to kiss me. All the awkward moments most first dates have, I laughed at all of his dumb jokes (and trust me there were a lot) by the time the game was over it started to rain. Hard. We got halfway through the crowd to my car when I realized I left my phone on the bleachers. He said “stay right here, I’ll go get it.” So I stood there in the rain and waited. Makeup is running down my face, my hair was knotted and frizzy and wet, my clothes were soaked. I was a mess. I looked nothing like the girl that showed up for this date. After about 3 minutes of waiting, standing in the rain he comes running up to me waiving my cell phone. I thought he was going to run right past me but without slowing down, he ran by and scooped me up and carried me to the car, that’s the moment I fell in love with him. We got back to his house and said goodbye, he still hadn’t kissed me and I was honestly wondering if he was gay. He walked me to the door and said “I had fun, maybe we’ll do it again sometime.” As I went to walk away he pulled me in and kissed me and when I say it was magical, IT WAS MAGICAL. It took my breath away. I couldn’t stop smiling for days.

3 months later our parents, our kids and a long time friend of my soon to be husband’s all showed up to the courthouse. It was as beautiful as you could imagine a courthouse wedding being. We high fived after our vows and we’ve lived happily ever after. NOT. Joining our two families was way more work than I imagined. He had three teenagers and I had two smaller kids that were 8 and 9. The first couple of years were tough. There was fighting, screaming and yelling, throwing stuff, it was a mess. We did have our good days too. I never thought for one second it was a mistake, we just had to adjust. It took time, we moved a few times in a few years, we had our ups and downs just like any other family. After about a year of marriage my husband got on board with having another baby, number 6 between the two of us. I took a million pregnancy test, used an ovulation calendar and even had a surgery that might help me get pregnant. I was obsessed with having a baby, there was nothing I wanted more. After months of disappointment and a couple miscarriages and one more surgery, I found out I was pregnant, the baby had a heart beat and my doctor said “I have a good feeling about this one.” That little flicker on the screen was my youngest childs heart beat. I couldn’t believe it. I was over the moon happy! It was a complicated pregnancy and our baby girl was born at 28 weeks, 2lbs 6oz. She was tiny and beautiful. We named our sweet child “Kennedy”  We spent months in the NICU. I would drive an hour to see her, hold her, change her diapers and feed her, Then I’d go home at night and be with the older kids. It was kind of chaos but I didn’t mind. We brought her home for good on January 1st 2015. That was a happy day. I surprised my husband with her, he had no idea she was coming home. I was in heaven at home with my family complete, I thought. She’s 2 now and so much has happened since she came home, great stuff, terrible stuff, good stuff and bad stuff but we’re still here together. We’re a family. A big happy family. I can honestly say that we all love each other. It was so worth it.


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